Pop Rock/Metal

3ARNA (Rock/Pop)

BARNA have been together since 2016. Conceived on a rooftop in Barcelona and godfathered by Samu Haber from the Band "Sunrise Avenue", this trio has already gained a reputation for great sound and brilliant live shows. The magic is incredible, oozing out of songs that deal with the big issues in life, always catchy, full of passion and recognition.

The 3 musicians from Germany are no newcomers to the internationally Music scene. Frontman Sam (Bass/ Vocals) has been representing Sam Rivers in the Band "Limp Bizkit" since 2017. Julian (Drums) already played with Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe in the US and Tobi (Synth/ Guitar) has worked with Jamie Cullum in London.

Most recently, the three boys stood at the Festival of Unity alongside Mark Forster, Wincent Weiss and Glasperlenpiel on the stage in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

BARNA is the perfect moment at the right time. The soundtrack of your life. Moments for eternity that grab you and never let go.


Booking Contact:

Nil Alam
Tel: +49 177 403 9288


Band Data:

  • Location: Germany
  • Staff: 3 +2