NEWEN AFROBEAT is an experience of musical awareness, where music is the weapon for  change. Following Fela Kuti’s legacy, they connect Africa and Latin America with a high energetic show of music and dancing. If as Miles Davis said "afrobeat is music of the future", then, the future is Newen.
Newen Afrobeat is one of the  most outstanding and attractive bands in Latin America and the only one to cultivate the afrobeat genre in Chile. Its quality and staging, has been recognized by a number of outstanding artists, which has opened the doors for successful tours of the United States, Europe, Africa and Latin America . Today, it is one of the national projects of  greater international projection. With two albums under his arm, they are currently working on their next material that contains songs such as Cántaros in a clear ode to the ancestral feminine energy and Chaltumay, a hymn of gratitude to the Mapuche people. It is a show of music, dance and social conscience. The new album - Chaltumay - will be an explosive mashup of their own culture, the Mapuche indigeneous people and traditions, all flavoured with their now reknowed strong cult for the music of Fela Kuti in a very Newen style ! To be released at Spring 2019, the band will then support the album with an American tour followed by Europe and the summer festivals 2019.

Main Festivals:

• Lollapalooza Santiago 2017 (Chile) • Womad Santiago 2016 (Chile) • Reggae on the River California 2016 (USA)
• Rockódromo Valparaíso 2016/2018 (Chile) • Santiago a Mil 2016/2017/2018 (Chile)
• Concertvalle Vicuña 2018 (Chile) • Felabration Lagos 2015 (Nigeria) • Felabration Valparaíso 2017 (Chile)
• Felabration Santiago 2017 (Chile) • Beloved Festival Oregon 2016 (USA)
• Chausse Tes Tongs Trévou-Tréguignec 2017 (France) • Amsterdam Roots 2017 (Holland)
• Wassermusik Festival Berlin 2017 (Germany) • Helden in Het Park Eeklo 2017 (Belgium)
• Ancient Trance Leipzig 2017 (Germany) • African Festival The Hague 2017 (Holland)
• Terre de Couleurs Daumazan 2017 (France) • Wanderlust Santiago 2016 (Chile)
• Sept. 13 : Bar El Clan, Santiago (Chile) • Sept. 29 : World Note Festival, Santiago (Chile)
• Oct. 11 : Felabration Stgo!, Santiago (Chile) • Oct. 15-21 : Felabration, Lagos (Nigeria)
• Oct 23 : Teatro Victor Jara, Vecindario (Spain) • Oct 25 : Womex 2018, Las Palmas (Canaries)
• Oct. 27 : Vivela Festival, Quinta Normal (Chile)


Newen Afrobeat

New Upcoming release : Chaltumay LP (May 2019)

Booking Contact:
Tel: +351 920 243 157


Booking Status Europe:

July – August 2019

Band Data:

  • Location: Chile
  • Staff: 14 +2